Questionnaire with Scores and Redirection

You can set scores for all answers, then display a message or redirect the browser to a specified URL based on the given score. With this method, we made a simple example to easily determine your Zodiac Sign. Each answer has a different score and the redirection is depends on the score (answer) you choosing.

Download here this demo survey in JSON, then you can import it on your survey admin.


Best Rated WordPress Survey Plugin on CodeCanyon

Modal Survey is a Premium WordPress Plugin to get your visitors voice through an attention-grabber poll. Provides a lot of customization options including unlimited surveys, questions and answers with animated display. It has an ability to offer a link at the end of survey, thus much more users will fill out the poll. Also has an option to lock the screen with a dark background. With this solution, the visitors only see the website content after they answered for all questions. The plugin is available exclusively on It has a detailed documentation, provides premium support with constant updates.